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Horizon Shine - David Byrnes and Ian Purdie

Horizon Shine is a musical collaboration featuring the talents of David Byrnes aka Smiley and Ian Purdie aka Lunar Sea Boatman. Formed in 2007 in response to a perceived need for specialised musical material for the Dads on the Air radio program, Horizon Shine has blossomed into a fertile song writing partnership.

Smiley has been responsible for writing most of the music, some of the lyrics, playing bass, keyboards and programming the drum tracks. He has engineered all of the recordings and has provided the lion’s share of the production values. Ian Purdie has contributed most of the lyrics, most of the vocals, some of the music and played the guitar tracks as well as arguing with Smiley about how the songs should be produced. Shamelessly sucking in anybody else without the will power to resist them, Horizon Shine has also drawn upon the considerable musical talents of Prue Rueben and Martin King.


New album available now on CD. $25 including shipping.


Dads on the Air has witnessed the slow emergence over the last two years of the album Managony by Horizon Shine. It is a collection of songs written specifically for DOTA, dealing with issues that have featured on the program relating to fathers’ experiences during and around the subject of divorce. The songs were written, recorded and produced by David “Smiley” Byrnes and DOTA’s Ian Purdie who has been a presenter on the show for the last 4 years. They range in tone from the tender affections of My Boy to the strident confidence of Daddy Immaculate, from the mock despair of Shaving to the targetted outrage of Goulburn Street Hall, named after the address of a Family Court registry.

To listen to interviews with those involved with the production of Managony to hear the background to the songs, click here or to get a taste of the music click on the links below.

Horizon Shine’s first effort Shaving in a Basin Full of Tears tells the typical story of a freshly separated father. It is tragic, raw and emotional.

Their second offering Daddy’s Not Home features the vocals of Prue Rueben impersonating a nine year old girl. It is deliberately childish and attempts to give a voice to the experiences of children separated from their loving father.

Daddy Immaculate is more complex. It is a vaudevillian, Zappa-esque piece, documenting the sometimes schizophrenic, alcohol soaked reactions of some men to separation from their families. Daddy Immaculate while not quite an immaculate conception, implies castration and the impact of absenteeism on an otherwise loving father. It’s kind of funny in a black, tragic way. John laughed!

Finally, My Boy. Ian and Smiley both have a son (that’s two kids for the mathematically challenged) and this track probably marks the peak of their personal synchronicity. It is loving and warm without sacrificing its intense masculinity. Martin King delivered the vocal and we were all very happy about it at the time. Smiley’s brother, Andrew Byrnes provided a blistering drum track giving this particular effort its rhythmic edge.

David Byrnes and Ian Purdie are both separated fathers. The experiences they attempt to document in the music of Horizon Shine are real. They are also working musicians with over fifty years of live performance and recording experience between them. Both kicked off their musical careers in the early 1980’s and both are still actively involved in the Sydney music scene. Both have produced solo albums as well as a host of other recordings with a number of musical projects over the years. They are rock’n’roll veterans with impressive CV’s and as the tracks show, both are talented, skilled musicians well worth listening to.

Shaving in a Basin Full of Tears Daddy’s Not Home
Daddy Immaculate My Boy