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Life in Limbo

My battle with depression, infertility and mental illness

Depression, Mental Illness, and infertility are issues that many Australian men deal with – yet few are able to openly discuss them. The stigma attached to these issues still lingers, but a new book released aims to shed light for those in need.

In Life in Limbo, Canberra man Matt Barwick bravely shares his personal story, from his struggles with infertility, dealing with a family suicide, to his own admission into a mental health facility where he’s diagnosed with bipolar disorder. Throughout this, Matt continually battles with the demons of depression, trying to overcome the cloud of uncertainty that covers his relationships, career, and his very existence.

Told with refreshing honestly and humour, Life in Limbo offers a rare male perspective on these sensitive topics, providing a voice for other Australian men dealing with the same issues. While at times confronting, Matt provides readers with an inspiring message of courage and hope, proving that no matter what you’re going through, you’re never alone.

• Infertility: one in six (17%) couples suffer infertility
• Mental illness: One in five (20%) aged between 16-85 in any one year
• Suicide: One in 30 (3%) aged between 16-85 have attempted suicide at some time in their life

Additional Information
• Suitable for people going through these struggles, family and friends, and healthcare professionals
• Includes endorsements from  surfing champions Mark Occhilupo and Mark Richards
• Timely release with R U OK? Day 13 September, Mental Health Awareness Week runs 7-14 October 2012
• A third of the author’s royalties go to Beyond Blue

Author Biography:
Matt Barwick was born and raised in Canberra and has worked for over a decade for the Australian government. He was motivated to share his unique story when he realised how few titles, from young, average Australian males, were available to help and inform those dealing with infertility, family suicide and mental illness diagnosis.
Having lived through these experiences and written about them in his daily diary when his life started becoming memorable for all the wrong reasons, he shares his story from an emotive, less clinical, sufferer’s perspective. Throughout his remarkable journey, he has constantly looked for positives and focused on what makes him most happy: music, surfing and the unconditional support and love of his wife and soul-mate, Ali.