Chaos at the Crossroads – John Stapleton
Woo’s Wonderful World of Maths – Eddie Woo
Roadies – Stuart Coupe
The Last 100 Days – Will Davies
Fathers and Daughters – Madonna King
Raising Boys – Steve Biddulph
Fatherhood – William McInnes
The Boy Crisis – Warren Farrell
Understanding Parental Alienation – Karen & Nick Woodall
The Equal Parent Presumption – Edward Kruk
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Original Music

Welcome to the Dads on the Air music page. Music tracks are available in MP3 format for streaming or downloading to your computer.
  • Horizon Shine - David Byrnes and Ian Purdie

    Horizon Shine is a musical collaboration featuring the talents of David Byrnes aka Smiley and Ian Purdie aka Lunar Sea Boatman. Formed in 2007 in response to a perceived need for specialised musical material for the Dads on the Air radio program, Horizon Shine has blossomed into a fertile song writing partnership.

  • Our Stolen Children - Peter Van de Voorde

    Our Stolen Children is an album by Australian artist Peter van de Voorde. More than 600,000 Australian children had little or no meaningful contact with one of their parents during 2005. This appalling situation is allowed to continue, despite well documented evidence showing the cruelty used to achieve such an outcome, by a significant number of parents with whom the children reside.