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Schools of Fish – Alan Sampson
Cooking for Kids by Dads – Mick Both
Father-Daughter Relationships: Contemporary Research & Issues – Linda Nielsen
Ten Conversations You Must Have With Your Son - Tim Hawkes & Tim Hawkes
SuperDad SpeedBible - Ryan Heffernan
Out on a Limb: A Single Father’s Guide to his Family’s Lore of the Jungle – Simon Turner
Reservoir Dad - Clint Greagen
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International Missing Children’s Day – May 25


Great interview with Ken Thompson, Dads on the Air presenter & Founder of COPAC (Coalition of Parents of Abducted Children)

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June 4: COOKING for Kids BY DADS

When you listen to Mick Both’s interview, just like when you see his face looking straight at you on the cover of his new book you know the sort of bloke he is. Mick is a straight shooter with a background in the military who takes us into the kitchen on a practical mission. COOKING for Kids BY DADS does not assume any prior knowledge of the essential art of cooking. In language we can all understand and with gorgeous photos we get the picture on how Dad can go from zero to hero with his kids and his family generally.



June 11: Schools of Fish

Schools of Fish won the 2015 Finch Memoir Prize for author Alan Sampson, a Queenslander, who by telling us about his own experiences lets us find out much about the importance of a father’s relationship with his children. A big part of the story relates to Alan’s role as Principal at the well-known Cavendish Road State High School in Brisbane. There are times at school when personal courage is required as well as unshakable integrity if favourable results are to be achieved.



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