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Protecting Emilie – Lisa Heim
Separate Well or Separation Hell – Peter Nowosielski & Eric De Bruyn
The Making of Men – Dr Arne Rubinstein
insideMAN: Pioneering stories about men and boys – Dan Bell & Glen Poole eds
Equality for Men – Glen Poole
The Men’s Shed Movement: The Company of Men – Barry Golding ed.
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We thank Foundation 49: Men’s Health for awarding Dads on the Air a 2015 community grant.
We are grateful for their support as part of our ongoing work towards men’s health and wellbeing.


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February 11: Help Stop Male Suicide in Australia

Are you concerned about the fact that five men a day die from suicide in Australia?

Last year, the Chair of the National Mental Health Commission, Professor Allan Fles, called for “sustainable, comprehensive, whole-of-community approaches aimed at halving suicides and suicide attempts over the next 10 years”.

How do we address the fact that three quarters of those suicides are men? Who will fly the flag for male suicide prevention and ensure the ambitious goal of reducing suicide by half, doesn’t miss the mark because it fails to help men?

With these questions in mind, Glen Poole, who recently relocated from the UK, is launching the Stop Male Suicide project, to help support the drive to halve male suicides in Australia.

February 18: Protecting Emilie

Protecting Emilie is a gripping story of injustice and what really happens to an innocent victim of emotional and physical child abuse when judges consistently make poor rulings. As a former stepmother of Emilie, Lisa Heim saw a decade of Emilie’s mother’s wrath toward Emilie’s father take an emotional and physical toll. Withholding custody, alienation, and making false child abuse allegations ultimately led to Emilie’s depression, PTSD, and Conversion Disorder diagnoses.


February 25: BuildingBoys

BuildingBoys was founded in 2013 by Jennifer L.W. Fink, a freelance writer and mother of four boys. It is a haven, resource and one-stop-shop for parents, educators, healthcare providers, community activists and anyone who cares about boys. And unlike other websites dedicated to boys, BuildingBoys includes the voices of the real experts - boys themselves. Their BuildingBoys panel of boys provides regular input to challenge and inspire their readers.


International Parental Abduction specialists team up with left behind parents to present a conference in New York on Friday 26 February, 2016…

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