Unfinished Business: Women Men Work Family – Dr Anne-Marie Slaughter
Parents Acting Badly: How institutions and societies promote the alienation of children from their loving families – Jennifer Jill Harman PhD & Zeynep Biringen PhD
An Attachment-Based Model of Parental Alienation: Foundations - CA Childress PsyD
Surviving Parental Alienation: A Journey of Hope and Healing – Amy JL Baker & Paul R Fine
Protecting Emilie – Lisa Heim
Separate Well or Separation Hell – Peter Nowosielski & Eric De Bruyn
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May 5: Genital Autonomy

Genital Autonomy is a universal Human Right. The term describes the inalienable right of all of us, adults and children, to control what is done with our most private parts, our genitals. This includes the right to say “NO!” to surgery or cutting that is not needed to cure a disease or correct an anatomical defect. Our right to protection from non-medical cutting of our bodies is found not only in our common laws of assault but in a number of Human Rights texts. Paul Mason, Inaugural Chair of the Australasian Institute for Genital Autonomy, joins us in the studio to talk on this most important topic.

May 12: Parents Behaving Badly

Parental Alienation causes severe trauma and devastation to an estimated 22 million parents in the USA and it affects millions more worldwide. Despite the sheer number of families and communities affected by this problem, many people either do not know what it is, deny its existence, or act as bystanders to alienators’ campaigns of chaos. Dr Jennifer Harman talks about a paradigm shift in thinking about Parental Alienation from a private issue to a public concern and suggests new approaches to addressing this controversial problem that encompass individual change as well as social and institutional reforms.

May 19: Year of the Dad

Scotland leads the world with Year of the Dad! Research overwhelmingly shows that children, women and families benefit from the positive involvement of fathers. Recent legislation of shared parental leave means forward-thinking organisations are embracing new working patterns for men. Nick Thorpe from Fathers Network Scotland talks about the year of celebration, insight and collaboration to promote the importance of fathers in child development and support men to be the dads they want to be.


May 26: Broken Lives Broken Minds - International Missing Children’s Day

This is one mother’s truly shocking story of a heart-wrenching, soul destroying thirteen-year battle against her manipulative ex-husband, against injustice, against courts, against a system that let her down - a system that let her two sons down in the worst possible way. Pamela Roche tells her story of parental abduction and seeing her children systematically poisoned against her. She also recounts how the professionals involved failed to do their duty causing irreparable damage to their lives.


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