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Torn: The Story of An Undeserving Wallaby Drowning In A Septic Tank – Simon Williams
Mendemic: Inside the man cave – Cindy Rochstein
Still a Pygmy – Isaac Bacirongo
Schools of Fish – Alan Sampson
Cooking for Kids by Dads – Mick Both
SuperDad SpeedBible - Ryan Heffernan
Out on a Limb: A Single Father’s Guide to his Family’s Lore of the Jungle – Simon Turner
Reservoir Dad - Clint Greagen
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We thank Foundation 49: Men’s Health for awarding Dads on the Air a 2015 community grant.
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August 6: Justice 4 Liam Magill

Liam Magill’s wife deceived him about the paternity of 2 of his children - confirmed by DNA testing. Mr Magill then took legal action against his wife and took his case all the way to the High Court. He lost everything including his health, family and all hope trying to get justice and lost his case Magill v Magill [2006] HCA 51.

Cheryl King talks to us about this story and how Liam is wanting to reopen his case using successful new UK case law and new evidence.


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