The Boy Crisis – Warren Farrell
Five Years From Now – Paige Toon
Understanding Parental Alienation – Karen & Nick Woodall
Separate Well or Separation Hell – Peter Nowosielski & Eric De Bruyn
The Equal Parent Presumption – Edward Kruk
Parents Acting Badly – Jennifer Jill Harman PhD & Zeynep Biringen PhD
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June 28: How to Buy a Home
Emily Powell … in conversation with Bill Kable

Our young people are struggling. How can they ever buy their first home in places like Sydney and Melbourne? Emily Power found that she kept getting further away from this goal. Yet unlike many young fathers and husbands she did not have a family to support. It is also embarrassing as Emily is the real estate guru for Melbourne’s 3AW. Emily has found a way to turn it around and shares her formula with us. Her no-nonsense approach is what our home buying families young and old need to hear.


July 5: Origin Story
David Christian … in conversation with Bill Kable

Professor David Christian has a fan in Bill Gates who says that in David’s book Origin Story the evidence and insights from many scientific and historical disciplines are turned into a single, accessible historical narrative. We speak to David Christian and find how total history gives families and our young a sense of purpose from the origin stories leading up to the present. David looks to hope, alertness and determination if we are to proceed into the next 200 years and the remote future.


July 12: Black Pearls 
Colin & Paul Tatz … in conversation with Bill Kable

With Black Pearls, Colin and Paul Tatz have written more than a book documenting Aboriginal and Islander sports successes. The book is also an unusual Hall of Fame. In crediting our sports stars the book reveals a history of inclusion and exclusion, Aboriginal and Islander determination in the face of enormous obstacles and resilience in overcoming remoteness and discriminatory laws in 36 sports over 166 years. These sporting stars had more than their opponents on the playing field to defeat.

July 19: The Boy from Baradine
Craig Emerson … in conversation with Bill Kable

Craig Emerson is well known as a former Federal Trade Minister. But Craig’s background was a small country town in a family that was in continual crisis. Craig’s mother had severe depression and his father was a war veteran who was exhausted by his own experiences and the constant fights. Craig was traumatised yet he benefitted from a good education and became a trusted adviser in the highest office in the land. Craig opens up in telling his deeply human tale which is inspirational for our young.


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