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In Defence of Single Fathers


By John Dengate

Life is hard for single parents;
It is difficult to raise
Children single-handed when the media displays
A want of understanding
And a lack of sympathy…
Cynicism flourishes in our society.

Single fathers are a target;
Vindictive wives conspire
To spread malicious gossip saying “Where there’s smoke there’s fire.”
And the law is often with them…
Many good men are denied
Fair access to their children when the law takes women’s side.

Bad fathers deserve censure
And it’s right they should be named
But good, well-meaning fathers, too, are very often blamed.
It should not be based on gender;
It is wicked and unfair
That dads who love their children are victims of despair.

This poem is a plea for dads;
The writer simply bids
For a fair go for good fathers who, in truth, love their kids.

September 2012