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Family Law - Is the Man the Loser?

Two members of the Dads on the Air team, John Stapleton and Peter van de Voorde, spoke at this Forum at NSW Parliament House 16 June 2009. There was an enthusiastic audience in the beautiful Jubilee Room, Parliament House Sydney that listened to a Panel of five very interesting Guest Speakers:

  • Mr Mark Youssef - LLM - BA MLLP - Master of Law & Legal Practice, specialising in Family Law and legal education.
  • Mr John Stapleton - Founder Dads on the Air and Journalist.
  • Mr Peter Van de Voorde - Producer/Presenter Dads on the Air, and Singer, Songwriter
  • Mr Warwick Marsh - Dads4Kids Fatherhood Foundation, Writer, Producer, who brought out his guitar and sang for us as part of his talk.
  • Ms Barbara Biggs - Journalist, Author, Child protection campaigner

The questions from the floor following the speeches were animated and often impassioned, as this topic is a very emotive one, with personal relevance to some of the speakers and many of the audience.

You can find the full text of the Dads on the Air speeches here.

Part 1 (streaming YouTube video)

Part 1 (downloadable WMV file)

Part 2 (streaming YouTube video)

Part 2 (downloadable WMV file)

Part 3 (streaming YouTube video)

Part 3 (downloadable WMV file)

Part 4 (streaming YouTube video)

Part 4 (downloadable WMV file)

Part 5 (streaming YouTube video)

Part 5 (downloadable WMV file)

Part 6 (streaming YouTube video)

Part 6 (downloadable WMV file)

Part 7 (streaming YouTube video)

Part 7 (downloadable WMV file)

Part 8 (streaming YouTube video)

Part 8 (downloadable WMV file)

Part 9 (streaming YouTube video)

Part 9 (downloadable WMV file)