Transformation: Turning Tragedy into Triumph – Dr Tim Sharp
Broken Lives Broken Minds – Pamela Roche with Maggie Allen
Reflective Parenting: A Guide to Understanding What’s Going on in Your Child’s Mind – Alistair Cooper & Sheila Redfern
Unfinished Business: Women Men Work Family – Dr Anne-Marie Slaughter
Parents Acting Badly: How institutions and societies promote the alienation of children from their loving families – Jennifer Jill Harman PhD & Zeynep Biringen PhD
An Attachment-Based Model of Parental Alienation: Foundations - CA Childress PsyD
Surviving Parental Alienation: A Journey of Hope and Healing – Amy JL Baker & Paul R Fine
Protecting Emilie – Lisa Heim
Separate Well or Separation Hell – Peter Nowosielski & Eric De Bruyn
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Dads on the Air at Lone Fathers National Conference, August 2007

This is the Dads on the Air team’s presentation at the Lone Fathers National Conference 2007 at Parliament House, Canberra. You can find the full text of the speech here.

Part 1 (streaming YouTube video)

Part 1 (downloadable WMV file)
Part 2 (streaming YouTube video)

Part 2 (downloadable WMV file)