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Entries in Gay Dads (5)


International Men’s Day – Kiwi style

With special guests:

  • Donald Pettitt
  • Iain Fergusson
    … in conversation with Bill Kable

New Zealand is known for many things including a world champion rugby team and a young charismatic Prime Minister.

The most recent way the country has distinguished itself is by joining the world wide movement to celebrate their men and boys on International Men’s Day through the initiative of our guests today, Donald Pettitt and Iain Fergusson.

The movement is based in Christchurch, a city that still bears the scars of the massive earthquake in 2011. This major catastrophe has had an impact on the lives of people in the Canterbury region but the strength of the locals has been revealed as the city has emerged again from the ruins. Many have experienced the quiet strength of New Zealand males over this period.

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With special guest:

  • Dr Luke Martin

Seriously! Becoming a Dad can be a white-knuckle ride and sometimes it can be overwhelming. When you leave the hospital carrying a new baby it might be the first time it hits you that you have taken on an enormous responsibility and yet you are not issued with an instruction booklet.

Men have lots of different reactions when they hear that they are about to be joined by a new family member who will need 24-hour support. Some jump around, some think about the meaning of life and some might even feel depressed. The main thing to remember is that whatever feelings you experience you will not be the first. This is where Dadvice comes in, a new mental health campaign for new Dads developed by beyondblue and funded by the Movember Foundation.

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Powerful Training for 21st Century Men


With special guests:

  • Patrick Bishop
  • Paul Mischefki

The role of men has been changing rapidly in the last generation and while the responsibilities have increased there has not been a corresponding increase in men’s rights and expectations. The role as breadwinner still falls largely to the men but what about the changes in what it means to be a father, lover, community member or a friend?

With the growing number of fatherless families and the state playing an increasing role in our every day lives there are times when all men feel lost and needing some direction.

Our guests today tell us about two successful groups that provide training for men by men as a way of reconnecting with men’s essential masculinity. These programs are not just for those men who are struggling to cope with the changes in the 21st Century, they are for all men who want to reach their potential by accessing the huge untapped energy that is within us.

If you want to hear about men who have gone from counting their years to living their days join Patrick and Paul on our program today.

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Gay Dads and Surrogacy

With Special Guests:

  • Corey Irlam and
  • Rodney Cruise.

This week Corey Irlam from the Coalition for Equality and Rodney Cruise from Gay Dads Australia talk about changes to surrogacy laws which could see potentially thousands of gay male couples bringing up children around the country. While society is getting more accustomed to the idea of lesbians bringing up children, gay men doing the same is still something of a novelty. Rodney Cruise and his partner are already bringing up a surrogate child in Melbourne.

A paper has been released on a national proposal for public consultation in a move to harmonise State and Commonwealth surrogate parenting laws. The national Standing Committee of Attorneys General (SCAG) and the ministerial councils for Community Services and Health are calling for submissions on national surrogacy regulation. The paper, A proposal for a National Model to Harmonise Regulation of Surrogacy, makes a number of recommendations including that people who use a surrogate mother would be able to apply for legal recognition as the child’s parents and that the differing state laws be harmonised. Other regulations under review include paying a surrogate mother’s medical costs, financial losses during and other expenses during pregnancy. But commercial surrogacy would remain illegal in Australia, the paper recommends. Submissions Close on 16 April 2009.

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Taking the Journey

With special guests:

  • Gary Hodson, president of GAMMA - Gay and Married Men’s Association. GAMMA is a group of dedicated men who identify as Gay or Bisexual and who are - or who have been - married or involved in a heterosexual relationship. For more than a quarter of a century GAMMA has offered support and advice to thousands of married Gay and Bisexual men in New South Wales. Gary discusses the various issues faced by gay dads in Australia.
  • James Adams, from Fathers 4 Equality, and candidate for Family First for the seat of Wentworth in inner Sydney at the upcoming federal election.
  • Mark Young, from the Lone Fathers Association, Mackay Branch (QLD), with some disturbing information about reforms to the Child Support system.
  • Paul Dayman and Damien Litchfield from Anglicare’s Boys Will Be Men program in Lilydale, Victoria. Boys Will Be Men is a school-based mentoring/adventure therapy program for boys aged nine to 12. The program brings together men from the community who volunteer their time to be positive and non-judgemental role models for a number of boys in a weekly program.

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