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Fight Like A Pro

With special guest:

  • Gavin Topp

Today’s show is a knockout! Our guest is Gavin Topp and he tells us about his training program called Fight Like a Pro which he runs on the Gold Coast of Queensland.

It is not an overstatement to say that the program has changed lives because on top of the physical aspects of training hard with a group of fellow amateurs Gavin looks for the mental changes in his charges. You might not expect to hear life lessons from a professional boxer but as numerous testimonials on the website of Fight Like a Pro will confirm Gavin is a bit of a philosopher as well as a hard physical taskmaster.

We are particularly interested in the work Gavin has done with the local Dads in Distress (DIDs) because if a man is feeling knocked down by one unfavourable decision after another from the Courts and the authorities, he can learn about the power he has within to rise up and fight the bastards!

Talking to Gavin is not all serious, his program would not be so successful if it was a downer. What it does is give a new sense of purpose to many men, a new goal which is achievable and plenty of helpful friends along the way.

Gavin Topp recognised some time ago that we are part of a fatherless generation, and this leads to boys in men’s bodies which is a recipe for trouble. So Gavin offers his course to all ages from boys through to men as old as 70.

It is about being your best, not being the best; so Gavin carefully assesses each of the men in the program before putting them in a ring together. There is no need to fear that you will come up against a new Muhammed Ali. Your true character will be revealed and that does not come from a mismatch. Gavin is very conscious of the medical side but compares the risk in the ring with the risk from a boozy night out with mates or sometimes just walking down the street.

There are some laughs, there is some wisdom, and there is inspiration both at an individual level and when we hear about the support Gavin provides for the wonderful Australian developed programs of Dads in Distress. Makes you feel like doing a bit of real skipping when you hear the music that is chosen for ring entrances. This is one of the most enjoyable interviews we have had on Dads on the Air.

Gavin Topp

Gavin Topp had 19 amateur fights before turning professional where he reached his goal of fighting for the Australian Title in the Junior middleweight division. After successfully defending his title in 2000 he retired and set up the Gold Coast Boxing Gym. In 2005 he made a comeback and after fighting five international opponents he was given the opportunity to fight Felix Sturm in Germany, for a World Title Eliminator and was ranked 12th in the world.

The gym has evolved over time to be a place that specialises in developing and strengthening men’s characters physically and mentally using boxing as its medium.

Fight Like a Pro is the culmination of Gavin’s boxing career and fulfils a passion to see men rise up and be all that they are called to be - the best sons, fathers, grandfathers, husbands, brothers, uncles, grandsons, and leaders in our community.

Song selection by our guest: Eye of the Tiger by Survivor (of course!!!)

Note: This program is an encore presentation of the one aired on 7 July 2016.

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