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Foreskin Revolution

With special guest:

  • Michael Winnel
    … in conversation with Bill Kable

Most people are surprised when this topic is raised. Is circumcision still being practised in Australia outside strict religious groups?

The answer is unfortunately yes. And Medicare will still pay benefits for the procedure unlike for example Great Britain where the National Health stopped subsidising male circumcision in the 1940’s.

The percentage of young boys who suffer this mutilation in Australia is down to about 10% but that still adds up to a lot of boys going under a knife with no anaesthetic for dubious reasons.

The Jewish practice of having the Rabbi do the deed looks even more barbaric to modern eyes than the antiseptic surgical removal in hospitals. And the reason most often given? Well the child’s father had it done so we don’t want our son to be different.

Strangely enough a similar operation on young girls is illegal and taboo yet in some Muslim countries the practice is widespread. And if boys are given the option when they can make their own decision there are no circumcisions. This is why we need what Michael Winnel calls a revolution.

Women have to join the fight and men have to change their attitude where at present they may say they don’t miss what they never had. Michael is a very eloquent spokesman for this movement and we can guarantee that you will learn something when you listen to this program because the topic has been hidden for so long.

Michael Winnel

Michael Winnel was formerly a pharmaceutical representative and his work took him to New York where he first became involved in the fight against male circumcision. Michael is now occupied full-time as the leader of the Foreskin Revolution which focusses on the continuing practice of male circumcision in the three Western countries with the most significant numbers, namely the USA, Canada and Australia. Michael is now building momentum in Australia and has recently appeared on the SBS television program The Feed.

Song selection by our guest: Come Together by The Beatles

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