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How to Buy a Home

With special guest: 

  • Emily Power
    … in conversation with Bill Kable

Today we catch up with one of the many young people struggling with the biggest purchase of their lives. For the young men trying to support a family and progress their careers at the same time, buying a first home means pressure.

Our guest today is not only an expert commentator on real estate but she is also trying to purchase her first home in Melbourne.

Emily Power is a regular on TV and radio but we did not know her secret project of getting herself on the first rung for home ownership. Emily avoids the smashed avocadoes but has some tips that have worked for her in joining the crazy housing market we see in Melbourne and Sydney.

If you do not know what is a “debt trap” and how to escape it then listen in. Emily tells us in How to Buy a Home: From Debt to a Deposit what some of the terms used by banks and lawyers really mean.

Emily has a winning approach that is contagious and she gives hope to those who are working towards the most important buy of their life.

Emily Power

Emily Power is the Domain Group magazines editor. She is a news journalist of 14 years’ experience, including eight years within the newsroom of Melbourne’s Herald Sun and three seasons as a TV presenter with Network Ten’s morning show The Circle, and is a twice-published author.

Emily is the go-to real estate commentator for Melbourne’s top-rating talkback radio station, 3AW, and a co-host of the station’s Saturday Weekend Breakfast program.

Song selection by our guest: Money’s Too Tight (To Mention) by Simply Red

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