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International Men’s Day

With special guest:

  • Glen Poole
    … in conversation with Bill Kable

What does International Men’s Day mean?

The recognition of International Men’s Day started in the West Indies but has now spread around the world. The day is based around 6 pillars that all International Men’s Day co-ordinators around the world promote on the day. We ask our guest today Glen Poole what it means to him and after many years of being associated with the big day Glen has lost none of his enthusiasm.

Glen first came into contact with International Men’s Day when he was still living in the UK and due to the efforts of Glen and others, International Men’s Day is now debated annually in the British Parliament. Moreover there is great support from local authorities who put on functions and in simple words ‘get involved’.

Since Glen moved to Australia he has noticed differences in the way International Men’s Day is celebrated. In Australia we are not getting the same airtime in Parliament or some of our other institutions but there is an energy from individuals just getting out there and doing it. To Glen’s way of thinking it is all positive and there are no limits on the activities chosen.

We are not the first to ask Glen about those who criticise the events by saying that ‘every day is men’s day’. To counter that proposition Glen points to the suicide rate of men, the proportion of homeless people who are males, the shorter lifespan of males and even the greater risk of suffering from violence. So there is a need for this annual focus on the wellbeing of men.

We have the opportunity to recognise the men in our lives and to have some fun on 19 November each year. So it could be a barbeque, it could be a fun run, it could tie in with Movember, it could be a morning tea. On the new website for International Men’s Day there are lots of ideas. Glen also refers us to the new website for the Australian Men’s Health Forum. There are excellent videos available for free on this site and there are tabs for lots of other resources as well as information on diverse topics.

It is a great pleasure to welcome Glen Poole back to Dads on the Air. Glen has been a regular guest and has on occasions been a guest presenter. Don’t miss him on this occasion.

Glen Poole

Glen Poole is a writer, campaigner and practitioner who has been working on men’s’ and boys’ issues for over 20 years. Glen has written several books including Inside Man and How You Can Stop Male Suicide in 7 Simple Steps.

Originally from England, Glen was the UK co-ordinator for International Men’s Day for many years and a founding member of the Men & Boys Coalition.

He relocated to Australia in 2015 when he founded the Stop Male Suicide project and since July 2017 has worked for the Australian Men’s Health Forum as their Development Officer.

Song selections by our guest: Love Will Tear Us Apart by Nouvelle Vague & Just Can’t Get Enough by Nouvelle Vague

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