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With special guest:

  • Simon Sauer AM CSC

Mates is a word Australians have felt comfortable with for a long time. It resonates with young and old, male and female as a description for someone we will be there for, to lend a hand if necessary. So when Mates4Mates began in 2013 as an initiative of the Queensland RSL most Australians knew what their activities would consist of.

Our guest today is Simon Sauer, the CEO of Mates4Mates who prior to this had a distinguished career in the RAAF and now supports his injured Defence Force Mates.

There has been a focus on the returning Defence Force personnel in recent times because the adjustment back to normal life after serving in places like Afghanistan and Iraq is not straightforward. As Simon explains to us assistance is also required for service people who may not have been in conflict but who may have suffered injury in Australia. Other calls for assistance may come from the families of the servicemen and women who should not be forgotten when considering the overall effect to the community of our representatives putting on the uniform.

The Australian Defence Force is big in some ways and yet in other ways it is a close-knit community that does not necessarily talk about its unique experiences; it is something that only other vets can understand. Today is our opportunity for an open discussion on what the vets need and what Australia provides.

The song selection made today by Simon Sauer is Dust of Uruzgan by Fred Smith. This song has its own story. It was adopted as the anthem for our troops in September 2010 and tells the story of Paul Warren who was seriously injured in Afghanistan when an IED exploded. Paul now works for the Townsville branch of Mates4Mates and is doing wonderful work there for his mates. Paul’s mate Ben Ranaudo was killed in that explosion.

Mates4 Mates is a not-for-profit charity and is an independent, apolitical and non-religious organisation. It is not Government funded with their funding principally coming from the Queensland RSL with contributions also from corporate and private donors. They would welcome financial support from the community and details are available on the Mates4Mates website.

If this program has caused you distress you can call:

Lifeline 131114

Mensline 1300 789 978

Beyondblue 1300 224 636

Veteran & Veterans’ Families Counselling Service 1800 011 046

Simon Sauer

Simon Sauer was appointed the Chief Executive Officer of Mates4Mates in 2015, after 26 years in the Royal Australian Air Force.

During his time in the RAAF, Simon was deployed for operational service in Kuwait, East Timor and Afghanistan.

Simon was recognised as a Member of the Order of Australia in 2010, and awarded the Conspicuous Service Cross in 2006. Simon also holds a Masters in Management (Defence Studies).

Song selection by our guest: Dust of Uruzgan by Fred Smith

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