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Men’s Health Week

With special guest:

  • Glen Poole
    … in conversation with Bill Kable

In 2019 there will be presentations of men’s health awards in every state and territory of Australia. We would make the first award to our guest today Glen Poole who has been such a force of nature on men’s and boys’ issues since he moved to Australia permanently in 2015.

Glen sees the purpose of Men’s Health Week as a way to provoke thought and discussion about what needs to be done to improve the lives and the health of Australian men and boys. Over the week 10-16 June there will be presentations in seven cities around the country. As well as awards there will be report cards on how men and boys are travelling healthwise.

Generally as an advanced first world state, the health of all Australians, men, women, boys and girls is improving. However if you look at the infographic on the Australian Men’s Health Forum website you will see some comparisons that are deeply concerning. There is a growing gap between the life expectancy of men and women, currently 95% of workplace related deaths are males, male suicide rates are three times that of women, male heart and cancer rates are far higher than women’s, men are more likely to suffer violent attack. So it is time to recognise this disparity, time to dedicate additional resources and time to listen to those who know what we should be focussing on.

We could start by considering those most at risk and this would include the Aboriginal and Torres Straits Islander population, people in remote areas, those affected by family breakdown and all those in the lower socio-economic category. Glen tells us about some inspiring initiatives to help some of these people such as the caravan that visits communities and offers free basic healthcare. This might include advice on weight, smoking, blood pressure and high levels of cholesterol. If this advice can be offered confidentially at a convenient time the experience is that men will take advantage of it.

And Glen tells us about other work being done in the community which will be recognised in the award ceremonies. For those interested attendance at the awards is free. To register go to the Australian Men’s Health Forum website and put your name down. We are hoping that with the new health policy announced by the Federal Government, and those policies of the NSW Government and the WA Government that the other states will fall in line and that by Men’s Health Week in 2020 we will be able to report on an ongoing trend upwards in men’s health. Australian men are lucky that Glen has joined us to champion the theme of the 2019 Australian Men’s Health Week as announced by the Men’s Health Information and Resource Centre of Western Sydney University. The announced theme is “Keeping boys and men healthy.” We look forward to a successful launch and big things to come.

Glen Poole

Glen Poole is a writer, campaigner and practitioner who has been working internationally on men’s’ and boys’ issues for over 20 years. Glen has written many books including Inside Man and How You Can Stop Male Suicide in 7 Simple Steps.

Originally from England, Glen was the UK co-ordinator for International Men’s Day for many years and a founding member of the Men & Boys Coalition.

He relocated to Australia in 2015 when he founded the Stop Male Suicide project. He is the CEO of the Australian Men’s Health Forum where he has worked since July 2017.

Song selection by our guest: Celebration by Kool and The Gang

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