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SHINE for Kids

With special guest:

  • Dennis van Someren
    … in conversation with Bill Kable

Dennis van Someren is getting the word out that we have a crisis in the community, a crisis involving some of our most vulnerable children that impacts on all of us.

Governments have responded to concerns about crime rates by building more jails with there being nearly 40,000 inmates in overcrowded jails around the country. This is up from 21,000 inmates only 10 years ago. At a cost of $292 per inmate per day the numbers are frightening. But when you consider that these inmates have in the order of 60,000 children and that the children of prisoners are 6 times more likely to end up in prison themselves you can see the problem.

Dennis van Someren decided some 9 years ago that he could no longer stand by and watch the situation worsen. He realised that he had something special to offer to the children with a parent or both parents in jail after hearing by chance a radio interview with a representative from SHINE for Kids. Dennis offered his services and was welcomed by the charity that has operations in NSW, Queensland, the ACT and Victoria.

Dennis is an eloquent representative of SHINE for Kids which is still the only child-centred charity supporting the families of those in Australian jails. Dennis even has some good news stories that make it all worthwhile for him.

Mentoring definitely does work and there is a special need for children where role models are not so prevalent. Dennis gets these kids on his wavelength in the course of a car journey and lets his charges know that it does not have to end badly.

SHINE for Kids operates some particularly successful programs such as “Stand as One” mentoring, the Shine Café at Silverwater Correctional Centre and the “Belonging to Family” program at Kempsey offering post release support. If people are able to offer financial support SHINE for Kids has DGR (Deductible Gift Recipient) Status meaning that gifts to the charity can be tax deductible. This is not only a worthy cause for the children affected but the success of the operation will lead to massive economic benefits to us all.

This is an interview providing inspiration and hope. There are also some stories that you will not hear anywhere else. A Dads on the Air special!

Dennis van Someren

Dennis overcame a difficult childhood to become a successful businessman. Dennis went through all the trauma in his personal and general social life of adjusting to a father being in the justice system for five years and then receiving a prison term. He is now able to help others who find themselves in this situation. Dennis is a mentor and transport facilitator for the charity SHINE for Kids.

Song selection by our guest: Song and Dance Man by Tommy Emmanuel and Ricky Skaggs

Note: This program is an encore presentation of the one aired on 22 Mar 2018.

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