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The Prostate Cancer Challenge

With special guest:

  • Peter Dornan AM
    … in conversation with Bill Kable

Our guest is not squeamish about many things. He opens up to us today about what it is like to face a condition that we still do not like talking about, urinary incontinence. Incontinence affects men and women; it has been described as the most widespread yet least known and understood affliction in society today. This problem can seriously impact on your lifestyle, job, emotional wellbeing, exercise activity and most importantly, your sex life.

Peter Dornan has been a leading Physiotherapist for over fifty years and during that time he has helped patients with all sorts of complaints. Yet twenty years ago he did not know what a prostate was when he was told that he had prostate cancer and if he did not take any action it would kill him.

Peter tells us about hearing the news and his first reaction which was to have surgery to get the cancer out of his body so that he would never have to worry about it again. But with the cancer gone Peter faced a whole new set of problems and he was not prepared for the severity of the incontinence side effect. For the first time in his life Peter suffered severe depression. It appeared that while still in his early 50s he had lost his career, sex life, ability to exercise and his emotional wellbeing.

In his book Conquering Incontinence: A new and physical approach to a freer lifestyle Peter sets out in very clear non-technical language what turned things around for him. What Peter sets out in his book worked for him and the many men who joined the Prostate Cancer Support Group he founded. The book is essential reading for the whole family when a man is diagnosed with this condition. It is strongly supported by the Cancer Council Queensland.

It is fair to say that Peter is a dynamo and an inspiration. Following his own advice based on his research in Australia and the United States led to Peter taking on some big challenges.

They don’t come much bigger than climbing Mt Kilimanjaro at the age of 60 as a celebration of life. Peter describes that experience in our program and tells us in his book that when he reached the top of the mountain a song came to mind, Morning Has Broken by Cat Stevens. Listeners are invited to visit Peter’s website for more information or to get a copy of the book but first of all tune into this program to hear directly from our guest what it is like to confront your biggest challenges. At the same time listeners will get some practical advice about a major problem in our society.

For more information on prostate cancer go to Prostate Cancer Foundation of Australia

Peter Dornan AM

Peter Dornan is a physiotherapist with over 50 years practical experience in the field of sporting injuries. He has been official physiotherapist for many international sporting teams, including being the inaugural physiotherapist for Queensland Reds, the Wallabies and Kangaroos, and is a Foundation Member of the National Rugby League Coaching Panel. A sportsman himself, he is a Foundation Fellow of the Australian Sports Medicine Foundation. He has travelled extensively in the interests of Sports Medicine, and has written numerous articles for Physiotherapy and Sports Medicine journals, as well as designing and marketing a video exercise program, “Medirobics”.

Peter’s other interests include military history, being a freelance writer for some years. He has studied classical sculpture and has works displayed in many prominent institutions and private collections. In 1997 he became founder and convenor of the Brisbane Prostate Cancer Support Group.

In 2002 Peter was appointed as a Member of the General Division of the Order of Australia (AM). For his achievements in sport he was awarded the Commemorative 2000 Australian Sports Medal.

Song selection by our guest: Stout Hearted Men by Nelson Eddy

Note: This program is an encore presentation of the one aired on 15 Sep 2016.

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