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Three Big Tickets

With special guest:

  • Glen Poole
    … in conversation with Bill Kable

It is great to get an opportunity for a one-on-one with our guest today.

Glen Poole is a very busy man working in areas that are core to the interests of listeners to Dads on the Air.

Having long been a campaigner for the reduction of the male suicide rate Glen lets us know about recent developments in that area. What areas should we be focussing on? Is there any good news? What is the way forward?

The next topic for Glen to discuss was the very successful Men’s Health Gathering held at Parramatta of which he was a principal organiser. Glen tells us about some of the highlights and what he himself gained from this event. After a full day of discussing Indigenous issues there was an array of impressive speakers talking on a range of topics of interest to everyone, not just the people who work in the area. Glen is already thinking about the next Men’s Health Gathering which is usually held every two years.

Finally we asked Glen to let us in on plans for the Australian Men’s Health Forum in 2019. There is a draft National Men’s Health Strategy to be developed in 2019 and the opportunity for the Forum to contribute to the development of this Strategy. Australia’s initial Strategy was one of the first in the world and it is to be hoped that valuable lessons have been learned from that first attempt. We note also that there is a new website for the Forum and likely to be some changes in the organisation.

With Glen’s irrepressible energy we can only expect big things once again. Glen is his usual articulate self in this program as he tells us about all these important topics.

Glen Poole

Glen Poole is a writer, campaigner and practitioner who has been working on men’s’ and boys’ issues for over 20 years. Glen has written several books including Inside Man and How You Can Stop Male Suicide in 7 Simple Steps.

Originally from England, Glen was the UK co-ordinator for International Men’s Day for many years and a founding member of the Men & Boys Coalition.

He relocated to Australia in 2015 when he founded the Stop Male Suicide project and since July 2017 has worked for the Australian Men’s Health Forum as their Development Officer.

Song selections by our guest: Walking on Sunshine by Katrina & the Waves & Steal my Sunshine by LEN

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