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Vale Quentin Kenihan Superhero

With special guest:

  • Quentin Kenihan

Quentin crashes Dads on the Air?

Quentin Kenihan first came to public attention over thirty years ago when he was interviewed by Mike Willesee for national TV. After that came a series of extraordinary experiences, superhero adventures and also trips to the other end of the spectrum when it all seemed very bleak.

At times Quentin battled depression, loneliness, fear, anxiety and pain. But Quentin never let disappointment keep him low for long. Before you knew it he had his zest for life back again and was off chasing another goal from his bucket list that was constantly being updated.Russell Crowe described reading Quentin’s book Not All Superheroes Wear Capes as liberating because you have the opportunity to face life through Quentin’s eyes. The book is brutally honest and at times heartbreaking. Being a bestselling author was new for Quentin but it was his unique way of relating to people and telling his stories that made him a national figure. After his appearance in the Mad Max film, Fury Road, he was a star of an international blockbuster movie.

Make sure you listen in to this show to follow Quentin’s journey from a child with a severe disability through to being the filmmaker, stand-up comedian, radio host, actor and film critic that he became. This is a truly inspiring time for all of us.

Quentin Kenihan

Quentin Kenihan was a disability advocate and media personality, active in the performing arts and in the public eye for over thirty years. Quentin’s stage show ‘Quentin: I’m 40 … Now What?’ sold out at the Adelaide Festival. He appeared in the Mad Max film Fury Road and was the film reviewer for ABC 891 Adelaide radio breakfast program.

Quentin died on 6 October 2018.

Song selection: Brothers in Arms from the soundtrack of Mad Max Fury Road by Junkie XL

Note: This program originally aired on 1 December 2016.

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